Sunday, September 30, 2012

Engage your Group with Fall into Phenology

Street trees changing color Photo courtesy of Paul Alaback
The Fall Equinox has passed but has the feeling of fall arrived where you live? Now is the perfect time to head outside with your participants, students, and volunteers to make observations of plants in your area and discuss phenology and the fall equinox. This month we’ve changed up our normal blog style and included a Fall into Phenology Activity that you can try with your group! 

The Fall into Phenology campaign is a great way to get started with Project BudBurst. It provides your participants, students, or volunteers with an opportunity to get a feel for phenology with minimal time commitment. The campaign uses Single Reports, a great way to introduce your participants, whether students or adults (or even a mixed group of students and adults) to the process of making observations of plants at your location. Single Reports involve reporting the STATUS of a plant at any particular time. These observations can be made anywhere, anytime.

Download the Fall into Phenology Activity

If you try this activity with your group, let us know how it goes! Send an email to with your name, occupation, age group of your participants, and your Fall into Phenology experience! If you work with students, this could also be a great opportunity for the students to practice their writing skills. Have your students compose a short essay about their experience. What plant did they observe? What did they learn about it? What was it doing when they observed it? Send your students essays to the budburstinfo email address and we may post it on this blog! If you ‘d like to learn more about how to implement Project BudBurst in your learning environment, sign up for one of our online Citizen Science Academy courses in November! For those interested in teacher re-certification, all of our courses can be taken for 2 optional, continuing education credits.

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